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In this modern era everyone is shifting towards digital platform. Business critical application and web services are getting published over the web. Such web apps and services may have known vulnerabilities and it can lead to security breach and leak of sensitive information.

The result of web application vulnerabilities is, leak of confidential information, business reputation, financial damage for an organization.

To be a safe from getting hacked, regular VAPT exercise maintains end to end security hence it holds the major reason why it is important for every organization. Web Application Penetration Testing is designed to detect critical and known vulnerabilities associated with web apps.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is a process to identify, classify and prioritize the security related gaps or weaknesses that is related to the web application, mobile application, personal or corporate computer systems, IoT and other IT infrastructure devices. Vulnerability assessment scans the given web app or any IT device thoroughly to find the associated vulnerabilities and security gaps within application, website or the IT devices.

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Penetration Testing

The Penetration Testing is more over a manual job after vulnerability assessment process. Whatever vulnerabilities have been found during the vulnerability assessment process, a Penetration Tester will filter out the actual vulnerabilities from it, analyze it and then try to exploit the same using ethical hacking techniques. The main goal is to identify the exploitable vulnerabilities within application, website or any IT devices and submit the detailed report and help organization to mitigate the same.

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Enterprise grade Cyber Security and VAPT Services by experienced certified team.



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We follow latest industry standards like OWASP - 2021 with best in class tools + manual method while performing VAPT.

Web Application VAPT


As websites are open to the internet, the risk of being hacked is so high if it has known vulnerabilities. It can lead to leak of sensitive or personal information and damage to company’s reputation if hacked. Therefore, VAPT of publicly hosted Web-Apps/Websites is quite necessary for a reputed organization.

Our OWSAP certified and experienced pen testers not only scan the vulnerabilities by using industry standard tools but they also use the manual scan and code verification method. Our detailed report with remediation helps customer to fix all the vulnerabilities.

Mobile Application VAPT  


The preliminary goal of conducting a mobile application VAPT is to spot all the exploitable vulnerabilities within the network or application that have the potential of being exploited by hackers. It’ll reveal various access points and ways during which a hacker can compromise a database or application to get unauthorized access to confidential user data. In most cases, they can take over the application to performing illegal activities.

External - Internal Network VAPT

IT Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a process to identify potential vulnerabilities and configuration related error which are prone to be exploited by various network attacks. Now a day the hackers and attackers are using modern techniques to gain access, it is very much important to carry out network VAPT. With a weak network configuration, it is easy for an attacker to gain access of sensitive and confidential data and manipulate the same for his/her own benefit.

To avoid such incidents, Network VAPT should be carried out to identify security gaps in the network which is generally a perimeter router, firewall or a backbone switches and of course the network design.

Wireless Penetration Test

Wireless network provides opportunities for attackers to infiltrate your secured and critical corporate network irrespective to access control mechanism within perimeter of organization.

With a weak security controls, an attacker can gain access to company’s resources via Wi-Fi network, if it is not securely configured as per the industry standards.

To avoid such incidents, Wireless VAPT should be carried out to identify security gaps in the current wireless network design.

During the course of VAPT our experts simulates the real attack scenarios to get the granular view of various threats and vulnerabilities. With help of best-in-class Pen testing tools and manual methods, our professionals can easily find the gaps and vulnerabilities. We closely work with client team until all the vulnerabilities are fixed.

CyberTalos aims at each minor and major details which is required to be improved for achieving the best Web Application Security.

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